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Privacy Policy

The purpose of collecting information is to help build a credit score that is not based on usual financial data and bank guarantees. As we value your private life, Zolo is pride to use a data-light algorithm compared to other apps : especially, we do not access your photo gallery, your SMS or your call log.

List of information collected

We may need to collect and use the following data:

1. Information related to your use of the application as well as certain information concerning your smartphone or stored on it. This information includes the type of smartphone you use, the level and history of use of certain storage spaces (contacts, list of installed applications) or location.

2. The information you submit in the forms on this application. This information may include in particular your name, your telephone number and your contact details, your national identity card, your photograph, your connection data to the application as well as related to the use of other applications, among which social networks.

3. Additional information that may be requested from you once a nano-loan is taken out and in the event of interaction with our customer service, for example in the event of non-repayment and suspension of access to the application.

4. Information concerning transactions carried out via the application, as well as information that could be collected in the event of contact with customer service, by telephone or other means (social networks, email exchange, website.

Measures to protect the information collected

The information collected may be processed on servers and processed for technical purposes by operators located in the European Union. In this case, the information will be secured and processed in a way that preserves the anonymity of each volunteer client.

In order to prevent unauthorized access to the application and your data, you are asked not to share your password or any other information allowing access to the application. In the event of suspected fraud, for example if you suspect a third party of having accessed your smartphone and the app to take out loans without your consent, you are asked to contact the app at contact @ zolo .ai, indicating the words ‘fraud’ or ‘theft’ in the subject line of the message.

In the event of a subsequent change to our data protection policy, it will be updated on the application. You will be informed in advance at least ten days before the entry into force of said update.

If some of your data is used for advertising or marketing reasons, we will inform you in advance of our intention. You can object within seven days to the intended use of this data.

In case of questions

You can request information on Zolo’s privacy policy or request the deletion of your personal data at the following address:, indicating the word ‘deletion’ or ‘life private ‘in the subject line. Your request will be processed as soon as possible.